International Womens Day 2002

Camden Young Women’s Centre
with Aspern Girls’ Group

It’s A Women’s World
produced by Pascal Theatre Company

A devised project for girls and young women on the Camden Housing Estate in Belsize Park using text and movement. This project explored issues of bullying, self-worth, difference and empowerment during workshops leading to a l5 minute

Organisers: Julia Pascal and Maureen Hand.
Key worker: Liselle Terret.

Funded by the London Borough of Camden


I have learned to be proud of who I am and that everyone is different
Amy Jo Lambe age l6

Brilliant. We learnt to be more confident
Shellie Stringer age 11

We can be independent and we can do things boys say we can’t
Alice Reeves-0situtu age12

Excellent. I enjoyed working with different people and having fun.
We can do things men can

Kim-Louise Harris age 12

I learnt to express myself which I don’t usually.
I liked writing and showing my poetry

Michelle-Ann Heldt age l6

Women are different and important
Ellie Enwelika age 12