An Unsuitable Job for a Woman!


A dance theatre performance dramatising the lives of a doctor, a lawyer and an accountant.

Pascal Theatre Company collaborates again with students from London Contemporary Dance School on a dance-theatre performance for the Bloomsbury Festival in October.

What is your image of a 19th century woman? A doctor? An engineer? A Prison inspector? A Lawyer? In Bloomsbury, women challenged patriarchy by daring to enter professions forbidden to them. They banged on locked doors. They refused to hide their ambitions. These nineteenth century radicals broke into education, medicine, law and many ‘men only’ spaces. Dancing, Troublemaking, Taboo! follows three brilliant minds who insisted that a woman can be a medic, a classicist and an accountant. They teach us that the generic for human is not ‘man’. Enjoy these three women’s energy, passion and chutzpah as stars who blazed a trail which we can recognise and celebrate.

Date: Sunday 22 October

Times: 2.00pm repeated 3pm

Place: The Windsor Suite, Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG

Free drop-in                         Suitable all ages                              Fully accessible

This event forms part of Pascal Theatre Company’s heritage project: Women for Women: 19th Century women in Bloomsbury WOMEN FOR WOMEN РPascal Theatre Company (

Throughout the year we will be continuing our Lottery Heritage Funded Women for Women: Bloomsbury 1800-1900.

Trailblazing women will be featured in workshops, an exhibition and performances.

Watch this space!