Pascal Theatre Company Winter/Spring Newsletter 2023

Coming Up in 2023

As Happy As God In France

Burgh House 26 January 2023

We will mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 with a semi-staged reading of AS HAPPY AS GOD IN FRANCE by Julia Pascal, which explores a little known incident in the life of  German Jews Hannah Arendt, Charlotte Salomon and Eva Daube in the chaotic weeks between Armistice and Occupation. 

Supported by the Cockayne Foundation and the London Community Foundation.

Line drawing by Anne Sassoon.

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Spring 2023: A Manchester Girlhood

Touring the Northwest:

The Old Electric Theatre, Blackpool, 20 April 2023 

Jewish Museum, Manchester, 23 April 2023

And in London:

JW3, London, 21, 22, 23 May 2023

An exploration of a Romanian Jewish family’s journey to early 20th century Manchester and the journey of three girls into mature women over the major events of time.  The play, written and directed by Julia Pascal, focuses on three daughters, bonded and divided by competition, war, love and jealousy.

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Women for Women Continues

Women for Women

19th Century Women in Bloomsbury

Why are so many 19th century innovators hidden from mainstream history? Because they are women? Why have they been written out of traditional narratives? We are working to redress this in our project. We thank academics and writers who are contributing stimulating profiles championing trailblazing women. 
In communities and schools, we have walked and talked and written and spoken about the women who have changed the status of women in education, the arts, science and welfare. Our workshops have included all ages and have raised awareness about this heritage. 

There is more to come.

If you would like to contribute or get involved, please contact us.

A Look Back…

Dancing, Trailblazing, Taboo! Eleanor Marx: A Life in Movement

Performed at the Royal National Hotel in October.

The dance-theatre event performed at the Bloomsbury Festival was a huge success.  Collaborating with students from London Contemporary Dance School and professional actors Ruth Getz, Lesley Lightfoot and Amanda Maud, Julia Pascal created a celebration of the brilliance of Eleanor Marx.

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12:37 at Finborough Theatre

To write an epic play on this scale, using only five actors, is quite an achievement.  London Theatre1, John Groves

This is an important and complex play that attempts to raise nuanced and controversial questions around Jewish violence and national identity. 

Everything Theatre, Sara West

What an impressive and profound piece of theatre! It worked on so many levels – your writing, your directing and staging, the quality, accuracy, versatility and energy of your terrific cast. It’s both moving and distressing and you’re brilliant!

Mike Leigh

In association with Neil McPherson 

Written and Directed by Julia Pascal 

With Alex Cartuson, Ruth Lass, Danann McAleer, Lisa O’Connor, Eoin O’Dubhghaill

Performed at Finborough Theatre

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Unseen London

We all want quiet. We all want beauty … we all need space. Unless we have it, we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently.

Many of us may enjoy Hampstead Heath, visit National Trust properties, talk about preserving the ‘green belt’ from development and shop at Octavia Foundation charity shops.

But, to who do we owe this legacy?  We celebrated the work of Octavia Hill learning about her life and work and reflecting on changes nowadays and who is fighting these battles nowadays.