World Autism Awareness week 29 March-4 April

Everyone’s experience of having a family member or friend with autism is different but the common denominator in 2022 is that there are real opportunities and options for both neurotypical and non -neurotypical individuals. There are so many possibilities today as I know from personal experience. A young person with autism, who leaves school with few GCSE’s, can live independently. This could mean become a Teaching Assistant in a school for special needs, earning money and paying taxes. The importance of a diagnosis of autism can be unbelievably helpful to the individual for several reasons. It helps people with autism (and their families) understand why they may experience certain difficulties and what can be done about them.  It also – and this is really important – means that we can help others to understand and increase autism- awareness. We should share our stories, reach out to friends, and those we don’t know, to encourage and show others that together we can celebrate our differences and achievements.

Hear Oscar talking about living with a non-verbal disability. Spectrum – Pascal Theatre Company (

Susannah Kraft