Ruth Posner Interview

Ruth Posner interviewed by Hannah Arnaud marking her award of the British Empire Medal in recognition of her work with Holocaust Education Trust

Ruth Posner was born in Poland in 1933. During the Second World War she was sent with her parents to the Warsaw Ghetto. In 1942 she and her aunt escaped when they were sent to work at a factory outside the ghetto walls. She survived the war by pretending to be Catholic. Her mother and father were murdered in Treblinka. 

After the war, Ruth moved to England and spent many years as a dancer and then an actress. During this time she did not talk about her experience during the war or the family she had lost. But in the past few years she has started to tell her story with the Holocaust Educational Trust whose aim is “to educate young people of every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today.” 

This year she is receiving a British Empire Medal in recognition for her work with the Holocaust Education Trust. I had the privilege of talking to her about why she started to share her story, the reception she has had and what she has learned.

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Ruth Posner Interview