Theatre Activism Children Write

What is community theatre? We believe it is to empower writers of all ages to write their own dramas encouraged by our professional team. 

This play was provoked by our young theatre makers who wanted to write and perform a piece about  air pollution.

The result is Make It Clean.

Children were given research on the effects of smoking and traffic fumes and encouraged to play with the scientific terms. They loved the verbal adventure and adding ‘smart words’ to their vocabulary.

No characters are defined as the lines of play can be taken by any child of any age. The text can also be explored to help children learn to speak as chorus.

We offer this short play as an example of how to engage children in science, health and art in an exciting way. The format allows space for play, performance, interpretation and invention.

Free Drama Text for Community Theatre


4. What is this invisible poison?

1. Car





6. Carbon Monoxide!

7. Acet


5. Acetaldehyde!

2.  For

6 mal

7 de

8 hyde

9. Formaldehyde!

1. (To audience) Hey you! How many of you sit in your cars with the engine running?

1. I leave it on when I am on my mobile talking.

GROUP Turn it off!

2. I’m too lazy to stop the engine

3. Turn it off!!

2. You are killing your sons and your daughters

3. Your mothers and your fathers

1. Don’t kill grandma and grandpa!