English is often said to have the largest vocabulary, but do you sometimes struggle to find the right word?  Can you find what you want to say in another language?  Perhaps we can help you fill some blanks in your English dictionary.  Take our quiz and find out how multi-lingual you are or add to your vocabulary.  We would like to mark International Mother Tongue Day recognising the richness of languages around us.

1) What do you think:

a)‘talkoot’  means  i) to talk a lot   ii) is an animal like an antelope iii) means people helping with spring cleaning?

‘talkoot’ is  i) a Finnish word   ii) a Scottish word  iii) an olde English word

2) What is your mood today – Is it positive or negative? Are you:

a) ‘Eho kefi’                    b) ‘Muterseelenallein’        c) fighting yourInnerer Schweinehund’

or do you have

d) a ‘hiraeth’ for something

e) or ‘Fernweh’

3) animals suffer from the way we treat them in language   

Which animal is used in the expression ‘Kurczę blade’ (Oh blimey)?

4) What language and the meaning?                                               

‘Mă duc ca să am de unde să mă intorc’

‘prinést modré nebe’

‘Boka cerrada no entran moskas’   

5) When we asked for contributions for our quiz, we are sure can guess the topic that was most popular!

Food, of course, but what ,when and where would you eat:    

  1. ‘En mad’
  2. ‘Natmad’

Answers here :

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