A Manchester Girlhood – Trailer

Pascal Theatre Company takes the train!

A Manchester Girlhood , which tells the story of three Jewish girls and their journey to womanhood, returns to its Northern roots. This one-act play reveals the lives of Jewish immigrants to Manchester at the beginning of the 20th century.

Tiran Aakel, Amanda Maud, Saria Steyl, Fiz Marcus

Competition. Rivalry. War. Racism. Religion. Women’s Education. Passion. Women’s Rights. Arranged Marriage.

These are central themes in Julia Pascal’s witty and dynamic new play. This radical, multi-layered theatre work uses Brechtian cabaret and Greek stage techniques to explore 20th century Jewish exile from Europe. It reveals the effects of identity-crisis, the struggle for women’s freedom, intense family rivalry and the dilemma of marriage. This script is fuelled by a desire to show major recent historical events through the eyes of girls and women.

A Manchester Girlhood: written and directed by Julia Pascal, performed by Lesley Lightfoot,  Amanda Maud, Eoin O’Dubhghaill, Giselle Wolf and Rosie Yadid tours to the north and returns to London.

Showing in Blackpool and Manchester:

20 April 2023, 7pm at the Old Electric Theatre, Blackpool,

Textile workshops: Leading up to this performance, Julia Pascal will lead workshops discussing characters in the play and the importance of textiles in the characters’ lives –the group will be invited to develop some props for the performance.

9 March 2023 at 4.30pm on Zoom:

19 April 2023 at 4.30pm Face to face

23 April 2023, 7pm at Manchester Jewish Museum

Showing in London:

17th May 2023, 7.00pm at Burgh House, Hampstead

21-23 May 2023 at 7.30pm at JW3, West Hampstead