Holocaust Day Memorial Concert 2002

on The South Bank, Purcell Room, London SEl

29 January 2002

In a first time collaboration between two cousins, cellist Natalie Clein and playwright Julia Pascal, connect their work.

A moving and provocative evening, combining a rich variety of rarely- performed Jewish Chamber Music connected to texts which are satirical and disturbing.

Natalie Clein is one of Europe’s foremost soloists and will be accompanied by four internationally acclaimed musicians. Works to be performed are by composers murdered by the Nazis.

Extracts from Julia Pascal’s Holocaust Trilogy will be performed by members of her Company including Ruth Posner, Amanda Boxer and Louisa Clein, Natalie Clein’s sister.

The Programme:

Ervin Schulhoff (l894-1942) Five pieces for String Quartet

Gideon Klein (l9l9-l944) Adagio from Piano Sonata

Hans Krasa (l899-l944) “Tanec” (Dance) for String Trio (l943), “Passacaglia a Fuga” For String Trio (l944)

Ernst Bloch (l880-l959) “Jewish Song” for Cello and Piano

Berthold Goldschmidt (l903-l996) “Retrospectrum” for String Trio

Ervin Schulhoff String Quartet Number One.