A dance theatre work written by Julia Pascal

Theresa is based on the real life of Viennese Jew Theresa Steiner, who was betrayed to the Nazis by the British authorities on the island of Guernsey. Along with other Jewish women living on the island, Theresa Steiner was sent from Guernsey to Auschwitz, where she was gassed.

This is the story of the only British territory to be invaded by the Nazis and the play reveals a secret history of large scale collaboration.

Performed At:

Theresa was premiered at the Gulbenkian Theatre, Newcastle in 1990 and has since played in London at:
Oval House
Spiro Institute
Willesden Green Library
Lilian Baylis Theatre

Theresa played internationally

In France:
The International Theatre Festival, Maubeuge

In Germany:
Gallus Theatre, Frankfurt
Universities of Kassel, Giessen and Heidelberg
Breitenau’s former concentration camp

Theresa is part of THE HOLOCAUST TRILOGY and is published by Oberon books.

In Performance: 


From the 2003 Vienna performance:



“Pascal’s play is a tense and stirring piece of theatre, acted with fierce intensity by an international cast”
The Times

“… an excellent example of how skilled players can convey a wide range of character and emotion with only
a few props and a shift of expression and accent”

Jewish Chronicle

“Truly experimental and truly European, Theresa plays with form on every level, fusing dance with theatre, music with text
and juggling fragment of French, German and Polish within a predominantly English script… arresting”

City Limits


Director: Julia Pascal
Choreography: Thomas Kampe
Lighting: Ian Watts
Sound: Colin Brown
Original Music: Kyla Greenbaum