St. Joan

Written and directed by Julia Pascal

Nationalist? Heroine? Witch? Catholic martyr? Feminist? Bisexual? Schizophrenic? Joan of Arc has over the five centuries proved an irresistible and enduring icon for an extremely diverse group of people both within and without France.

In this new version of the classic play and film Julia Pascal has three actresses, two black Londoners and one Jewish/Arab Parisienne, playing the title role – in a bold challenge to Joan’s most recent ‘incarnation’ in French cultural iconography – as an Aryan nationalist heroine for the French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. On 1 May 1995 his NF Parisian rally in memory of St Joan resulted in the murder of a young Moroccan by skinheads. Pascal’s modern look at this new European Joan has Joan Rabinowitch, a black Jewish Londoner, waking up as Joan of Arc after a conversation with a Hindu taxi driver about reincarnation.


“Barely 90 minutes in length, the play exerts a powerful grip using the simplest of means”
The Stage

St Joan has played in London, Paris and Lille

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Director: Julia Pascal
Choreography: Thomas Kampe