A Dead Woman On Holiday

Written and directed by Julia Pascal

The Nazis, wrote Primo Levi, called a Jew in a concentration camp “a dead man on holiday.”

A Dead Woman on Holiday  occurs not in a concentration camp but during the Nuremberg Trials after the War. Sophie Goldenberg, a French Jew, is working as a translator during the hearings when she and a Catholic American soldier meet and fall in love. But she has an English husband, and he an American wife and child.

Addressing issues such as adultery, guilt and survival, it contrasts a conventional marriage and domesticity against free love

A Dead Woman on Holiday is part of THE HOLOCAUST TRILOGY and is published by Oberon books


“This modern prose play is so organized in time and space that it acquires the kind of austere beauty and rhetorical tension we associate with the tragedies of Racine”
The Financial Times

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