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Discovering and Documenting England Lost Jews in The JC

“Playwright and director Julia Pascal has created a new website tracing the history of the UK’s Sephardi Jews, inspired by a cemetery in the grounds of a university” writes John Nathan for The JC. Read the full article here :

Spectrum Filmmaking

This is Oscar Kraft, who attended our film-making course for youth on the spectrum. Now he is making his own films. What a success story! Bravo Oscar!


“Timeless” & “A Powerful Account Of A Complex Issue” – Crossing Jerusalem Reviews

From left to right – Louisa Clein, Chris Spyrides, Trudy Weiss, David Ricardo-Pearce, Adi Lerer, Andy Lucas

The reviews are in for Crossing Jerusalem!

Excerpt from The Public Reviews:

’Timeless’ is a word that is tossed around extremely frequently these days, but it is certainly the most appropriate word to describe Julia Pascal’s Crossing Jerusalem.

While the title suggests dynamic action, the small stage space and extremely personal scenes make for a claustrophobic, intense atmosphere, in which the dangers the characters face seem all too real.

There are some moments of humour, often provided by Varda’s husband, Sergei, these are then balanced with the intensity of the young male characters, especially Gideon, who recounts the story of his friend’s death while serving in the Israeli army, the most beautifully written section of the play.

Public Reviews: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster

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Excerpt from The Arts Desk

The keynote of Crossing Jerusalem is complexity. Pascal has a real talent for imaging what all of her very different characters are thinking and feeling.

concludes on a gruelling and punishing note whose unrelieved horror and melodramatic sensibility is hard to take. But that difficulty is also just right for the subject matter.

There is much to enjoy, especially in Pascal’s account of the tensions between sexuality and ethnicity, and her portraits of marriages suffering under the burden of silence is compelling and convincing.

Sometimes funny, more often fraught, this is a powerful account of a complex issue. But Crossing Jerusalem is no easy ride.

Reviewer: Aleks Sierz

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From left to right – Trudy Weiss, Chris Spyrides

Crossing Jerusalem runs at Park Theatre, London, until August 29th.  Follow the link for tickets.