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We are looking for Participants : ‘One Lost Stone’

‘One Lost Stone’

Owing to the current Coronavirus emergency we are not holding a public live event on 5 July but we shall be livestreaming fascinating discoveries, interviews and talks on that day. Please watch this space.

We are looking for Participants:

We are looking for volunteer performers, musicians, researchers, historians, artists & enthusiasts of all ages to join us in this exciting heritage arts project .

Rehearsals for the contemplative artistic guided tour ‘One Lost Stone’ will happen in London up to July 2020. We are exploring the histories of Sephardic Jews in Britain around the NOVO CEMETERY in London. The hidden history of the Sephardi Jews in England still has traces in the Novo Cemetery in the grounds of Queen Mary University, London. Following the 1492 expulsion of Jews from what is now Spain, Sephardim settled chiefly around the Mediterranean basin, notably in the Ottoman Empire.  Many also converted outwardly to Catholicism, while secretly practicing Judaism. Some of these crypto-Jews settled in England in the middle of the 17th century, and laid the basis for a Sephardi community that came to affirm their Judaism openly again. Sephardim arrived on this island speaking Spanish and Portuguese and cooking Mediterranean style. They also brought their own Spanish, Portuguese, and Arab musical heritage. Using original archival material,poetry, sound and visuals we will reveal and activate a forgotten legacy and explore the subtle re-establishment of Jewish life in England.

Produced by Julia Pascal & Susannah Kraft  Levene                   

Event Director: Thomas Kampe                                           

Assistant Director: Matthew Emeny

Set & Costume: Lesley Lightfoot

Sound & Music: Ronen Kozokaro

Production Manager & Technical Director: Jules Deering

Videography: Mark Norfolk & Yaron Lapid

COST:  Workshops & rehearsals are free (you don’t have to be able to attend all of them; there will be some support for travel expenses)

Enquiries & Enrolment :

For Performance volunteer workshops ‘ONE LOST STONE’ contact or

All other enquiries and workshops of the project                                                                     


Pascal Theatre Company explores contemporary life through theatre, film, new writing and radical re-interpretations of the classics. The Company’s work features site-specific heritage events as well as drama workshops. We engage with diverse communities by reaching out to those marginalised in society through the productions and an Education Programme. The Heritage Lottery Fund is supporting this major learning project where volunteers will research archives and learn interviewing techniques to prepare a legacy for future generations.

Pascal Theatre Company is working with Bevis Marks Synagogue, Manchester Jewish Museum, Bath Spa University and Queen Mary University of London with an Educational Programme linked to the project continuing throughout 2019 and 2020.

More about One Lost Stone

Free Drama Workshop: Staging Sephardi Heritage, 16 June 2019

Discovering & Documenting England’s Lost Jews is a huge adventure into mapping different histories and finding connections. Using these discoveries we are creating a site-responsive performance, One Lost Stone, that will premiere on 22 September 2019 at Novo Cemetery, in the grounds of Queen Mary University of London, Mile End campus. And on 16 June, we are running a free drama workshop that will help originate this new work, and we would like to invite you to join us.

So, what are we discovering? Julia Pascal, Pascal Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, and her team of researchers, have been trawling through seventeenth century documents to read about Jews fleeing conversion in Spain and Portugal, and about Jews being burnt at the stake as heretics to the Christian faith. It is a bloody story, but it is not just a Jewish one. It tells us about Catholic Spain and Portugal and how the power of the Inquisition was a terrible force which meant that Jews were displaced all over the world. The English story comes in to play when Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel approaches Oliver Cromwell in his plea for the re-admittance of the Jews. Officially, England had no Jews after 1290 as England was the first European country to expel them.

“I have been excited to discover that the English Revolution of 1656, when the Republic began, was also the moment when Jews were being thought of as new immigrants.”


We are discovering the wealth of that Jewish experience that trickled into England from 1492. The languages of Ladino and Portuguese were the cultures of these Jews. Their survival in London is charted, and we have stories and names that reveal this amazing history. 

Our workshop on 16 June will be exploring some of the major figures of the story. Who knew that Licoricia was a major funder of royalty in the thirteenth century and one of the richest women in Winchester? There are many characters to explore in the workshop which will be revealing some of the great debates of philosopher Baruch Spinoza and Moses Maimonides. 

Using drama and movement techniques, Thomas Kampe will lead participants in playfully revealing the histories and stories we’ve uncovered. In experimenting with staging Sephardi heritage, participants will not only gain historical knowledge but also learn enjoyable ways to create new text and storytelling using this kind of source material. They can also take part in the journey towards using the workshop as inspiration for our site-responsive performance on 22 September 2019.

The workshop is FREE and open to all ages (although not suitable for the very young), backgrounds and abilities. For more information and to book your place go to our Eventbrite page.

Blueprint Medea by Julia Pascal, Finborough Theatre 21 May – 8 June 2019

The world premiere

Tuesday, 21 May – Saturday, 8 June 2019.

“If I am a virgin. If the enemy catch me. You know what they will do…”

Kurdish freedom fighter Medea escapes the Turkish military and arrives at UK Border Control on a forged passport. Slipping through immigration, Medea discovers how to exist on the margins of London life. Working illegally as a cleaner in a gym, she meets Jason-Mohammed, the son of Iraqi immigrants. Their attraction results in the birth of twin boys. Medea believes that she has finally found a new home, a new family and a new life.


But when Jason-Mohammed’s father decides that his son must marry Glauke, an Iraqi cousin, Medea realises that she will lose both her sons and her safe haven in the UK. 


As her whole world falls apart, she is forced to accept that she has nothing to lose by revenging herself – destroying the lives who those who have betrayed her and keeping her sons’ spirits with her forever… 

Based on interviews with Kurdish fighters living in the UK, and written and directed by the first woman ever to direct at the National Theatre, Blueprint Medea is an award-winning new drama loosely inspired by Euripides’ Medea, which connects the classical to the contemporary to explore eternal questions of passion, war, cultural identity, women’s freedom, sex, family and love. 

Tuesday to Saturday Evenings at 7.30pm.
Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3.00pm.

Finborough Theatre
118 Finborough Road
SW10 9ED

Written and Directed by Julia Pascal

Designed by Kati Hind

Presented by Pascal Theatre Company in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre.

Sponsored by

Actors : Amanda Maud, Ruth D’Silva, Tiran Aakel, Shaniaz Hama Ali, Max Rinehart.

Designer : Kati Hind.

Video & Photos : Yaron Lapid